Year 6

Welcome to Year 6
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Year 6 have had an amazing week at Knapp House to start the year. They all wowed the staff with their confidence and courage in completing the activities and in their support of each other during the week. 
At the start of our project we went to visit Banwell Bone Cave on the outskirts of the village. The bones were washed into the cave at the end of the last ice age and include bones of bison, wolves, wolverines arctic fox and the largest bone from a huge bear is now in Taunton Museum. Kisha was our excellent guide as she gave us a great deal of information about the cave and took us up to Banwell Tower on the way back. We could see for miles.  
We have used the local woods to a great extent in learning what it felt like to live in the Stone Age and we have collected dead wood to build a fire to have our class book Wolf brother read to us and to learn how to build fires using flint and steel ourselves. We also went up into the woods to inspire our creative writing for a non-fiction wolf story.
Our visit to Wild Place was to familiarise ourselves with wolves and to find out what they looked like in real life and we took part in a workshop about wolves behaviour and communication skills. The highlights of the trip for many of us however, were the lemurs, which were running and jumping wildly around us and the barefoot trail- the cold wet mud on wet feet was an experience!
Year 5 and 6 broke the tranquility of Riverside when we descended to do some geographical fieldwork studies. As well as measuring the speed and width of the river, we completed some field sketches that showed the river defences and enjoyed surveying the wildlife in the water.  
Our 8th trip of the year on November 2nd was to Stonehenge to find out more about the lives and beliefs of Neolithic man. It was a long coach journey but worth it to see the wonder of the ancient stones and to work out for ourselves why and how this prehistoric monument was built.
When we came back from Stonehenge, we were mystified as to how those huge stones could have been transported so far and so we set up our own Stonehenge challenge on a smaller scale. It was still quite tricky to pull our stones using the roller method but we managed to make our own Trilithons on the field.
We visited St Andrew's Church in Banwell as part of our work on Christianity. We looked at how the helped Christians with their beliefs. We learned about Holy Communion and were able to get into the bell tower to see how the bells worked. 
Our homework project was either on an aspect of the history of Banwell or on an aspect of the Stone Age. Mrs Gould was wowed by the artifacts we made to illustrate our work. We had models of Stonehenge, both showing how it was originally, compared to today made out of salt dough, lego and polystyrene. In addition we had a huge map and model of Banwell, a Neolithic house, Stone Age clothes, pots, jewellery and a woolly mammoth called Malcolm.  Year 6 excelled themselves. We learned a great deal about the history of Banwell too. 
Our Project for term 1 and 2 is ' What makes a hero? ' and it is mainly based around World War II.