Year R

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We really enjoyed our project launch when Bristol Zoo and a selection of their minibeasts visited the Reception Class at Banwell School. We now understand why an animal is or is not a minibeast, and had a few surprises. See the photos of us enjoying observing carefully the real minibeasts up very close!
...It is also a very exciting time in our classroom, as we have a real incubator with chicken eggs, which we have another week to wait before the eggs begin to hatch!
...And our caterpillars have arrived! They have eaten and grown a lot this week.
We are so pleased with how the children are bringing their sound pots to school each day having practised recognising them at home. Use the sounds to make words with 4 sounds now such as: from, last, sand, gran, train - t-r-ai-n, as we have been making these using the magnetic letters during phonics time in class, and writing them in our whiteboard books with felt tips to aid flow when forming the letters neatly.
We had an amazing time visiting Doris the Pliosaurus at Bristol Museum and researching our dinosaur project using the other dinosaur exhibits and fossils. Here are some photos of us on our first school trip!
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