What happens next?

Key Dates
February 2022       Regional School Commissioner's Office and DfE joined discussions to ensure that agreement is reached between the parties
April 2021-to date  Regular meetings between ELAN, North Somerset and Banwell Primary School to find agreement regarding how outstanding building work will be carried out
6th April 2021        Governors agreed to proceed with academisation
March - April 2021  Consultation processes
March 2021           Regional Schools Commissioner agrees academisation order
What is academisation?
Banwell Primary School is currently a maintained school.  At present, the day to day running of the school is led by the headteacher, overseen by the school's governing body.  North Somerset Local Authority have responsibility for ensuring that the school is performing effectively.
In recent years, many schools across North Somerset have left the control of the local authority and converted to Academy status.  Several of these have joined together and formed Multi Academy Trusts.  Nationally this process started in 2002, but in North Somerset, many schools have converted since 2016.  
The school's governing body, in agreement with the leadership team, made the decision previously to remain a maintained school.  However, we now feel that the advantages of joining a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) are strong.  As several MATs locally have been running for three or more years, it is possible to see how they work in practice.  This year, the governing body have talked to a number of local MATs, to understand which would be the 'best fit' for Banwell Primary School.  Each has its own advantages.  The governors are keen for the school to join a MAT that has only primary schools within it, and which shares our ethos.  After extensive discussion, the governing body have concluded that the Extend Learning Academy Network (ELAN) is the Trust that we wish to join.
In March 2021, the governing body applied to the Regional Schools Commissioner to start the process of seeking to become an Academy.  Our application was approved.
The next step was to consult with the wider school community to allow parents, staff and the local community to have their say on the proposal to become an academy, and on the decision to choose ELAN rather than alternative MATs.  Following a meeting of the full governing body of Banwell Primary School on 6th April 2021, a decision was taken to proceed with the school's application to become an academy and join ELAN. Governors gave careful consideration to all feedback received as part of the consultation and would like to thank all stakeholders who submitted their thoughts.
Before the academisation process can be completed, the cost of paying for outstanding building work needs to be agreed between ELAN and North Somerset Council.  Negotiations regarding how to resolve this step have been ongoing from February 2021 to date.