Coronavirus updates

Banwell Primary School

Dear Parents & Carers

The government guidelines have changed from today and we have been given the following information.

Changes to measures and guidance for managing COVID-19 in education and childcare settings from Friday 1 April

On Tuesday 29 March, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Sajid Javid, set out the next steps for living with COVID-19 in England from Friday 1 April.

Free COVID-19 tests will continue to be available for specific groups only, including eligible patients and NHS staff, once the universal testing offer ends on Friday 1 April.

Regular asymptomatic testing is no longer recommended in any education or childcare setting, including in SEND, alternative provision and children’s social care settings. Therefore, settings will no longer be able to order test kits.

Updated guidance

  • adults with the symptoms of a respiratory infection, and who have a high temperature or feel unwell, should try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people until they feel well enough to resume normal activities and they no longer have a high temperature. 
  • adults with a positive COVID-19 test result should try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for 5 days, which is when they are most infectious. 
  •       children and young people who are unwell and have a high temperature should stay at home and avoid contact with other people. They can go back to school, college or childcare when they no longer have a high temperature, and they are well enough to attend. For children and young people aged 18 and under, the advice will be 3 days.
  • The population now has much stronger protection against COVID-19 than at any other point in the pandemic. This means we can begin to manage the virus like other respiratory infections, thanks to the success of the vaccination programme and access to antivirals, alongside natural immunity and increased scientific and public understanding about how to manage risk. 


We will continue with and maintain our extra cleaning procedures within the school.  We kindly ask that in the interest of everyone’s health and to help reduce an outbreak of illness within the school , if your child is unwell please keep them at home until they are symptom free and feel well enough to return. 

As always, if your child is absent from school for any reason please call the school absence line everyday of their absence and leave your child’s name, class, and reason .

Thank you for your continued support.


Many thanks





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Subject: Information for Parents

Date sent: 23rd March 2022, 1:41pm
Banwell Primary School

Dear Parents & Carers

As you may be aware over the last week or two we have experienced an increase in our covid cases in our school.  This did end up having an effect on our staff numbers so we wanted to remind everyone of the safest way we can all return to school. 


Please see the information on the attachment – How to safely return to your normal routine before 10 days.  This has been taken from the government website and more information can be found on this link.


If your child has tested positive for covid please follow the testing on day 5 and 6 (24 hours later) and as long as they are both negative they can return to school on day 6.  Two negative tests are needed to return.   If the result is positive you must continue to isolate by staying at home.


If we follow these guidelines we have a better chance of keeping the classes and school open. 


A reminder also that if your child does test positive for covid please can the results be emailed to the school either to or   Once the negative results happen please can these be emailed over to us.


Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.



Banwell Primary School


Date sent: 10th July 2021, 10:40am
Banwell Primary School
Dear parents & carers,
Please see important letter attached regarding a positive case of COVID 19 in the school community..
Best wishes,

Claire Pocock


Banwell Primary School



Date sent: 10th July 2021, 10:19am
Banwell Primary School
Dear Parents & Carers,
Please find attached an important letter informing you of the need for your Y1 or Y2 child to self-isolate with immediate effect. Further details are in the letter.
We are absolutely gutted that we have to do this so close to the end of term but I am sure you will understand that we have no choice and must follow the clear guidance.
The school will provide remote learning for the children in Year 1 and Year 2 next week. Further details will follow once we have set this up.
Thank you for your ongoing support through these difficult times,

Claire Pocock


Banwell Primary School

Belong Believe Achieve: Keeping us all safe
We have made number of changes to how the school operates to ensure that all of our children, parents and staff are safe.  The video below explains many of the changes that we have made.

Subject: Welcome Back

Date sent: 5th March 2021, 1:56pm
Banwell Primary School
Dear Families 
Please read attached letter about returning back to school on Monday.  Also attached is a copy of the reopening plan for parents document.
We would also like to refresh everyone on how the school will run once all the children have returned.  So please take a minute to view the school website and watch the video on the home page.
Thank you and see you all soon.


Subject: Important Information - Please Read

Date sent: 10th February 2021, 2:40pm
Banwell Primary School
Dear Parents / Carers,
I am emailing to again request your support please in ensuring that we are able to offer the maximum number of places in school to those families who really need them.
Unfortunately this morning we have had 5 children not turn up in school, despite places being booked for them. No messages were received in advance of the school day starting. This is incredibly frustrating, especially when we have had to turn children away due to being oversubscribed.
As we have a waiting list for places in school currently it is essential that any places booked are used or cancelled in advance. If parents find that they are unexpectedly able to keep their children at home (the recommendation from government) instead of taking up a space, then please let us know as soon as possible. We are then able to offer that place to another family who needs it.
Could we also make you aware that if a child has not arrived by 9.30am for a space that has been booked we will then offer that space to a child on our reserve list for the day and your child will lose their space. If a child is repeatedly not sent in when a place has been booked we will no longer offer a space to that family.
We are in the impossible situation of having more requests for places than spaces available for the first week back after half term. We will therefore be using the priority order which we shared with you last week to allocate these spaces. We will contact those parents we are unable to offer spaces to so if you do not hear from us it means that you have a space. For information, we had 9 new requests for spaces on Monday which indicates the challenge being faced in school. 
Please remember that what we want most is to have all the children back in school. During the current lockdown we are seating children at individual desks which is why we have limited space in each pod to 15. This also allows the adults in the room to maintain some distance between the children and each other too. Due to teachers leading the remote learning and all support staff deployed to work with the children in school we have no more staff capacity to open further pods. 
Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.
Best wishes,

Claire Pocock


Banwell Primary School

01934 822498 




Date sent: 27th January 2021, 11:16am
Banwell Primary School
Dear Parents and carers,
We are receiving a significant increase in requests for places in school for the children of critical workers. Therefore we are unfortunately having to ask for further specific information from all parents who are currently sending their children into school. This is to ensure that the limited number of spaces we have are given to the families who genuinely need them.
Please be advised that it may be necessary to make further enquires in order for us to validate your place.
We have carried out a health and safety risk assessment, and are now limiting numbers to 15 children per pod. This is to ensure we are supporting the reduction of the overall number of social contacts in our communties, as directed by the government. 
Please could we ask that you complete the form at the link at the end of this email, giving as much information as possible. This form must be completed by 3pm tomorrow (Thursday 28th). This is to enable school to review the places that have been booked for the following week, and to ensure that we do not exceed our safe numbers.
Please can we also take this opportunity to remind all parents and carers that we expect all members of the household to adhere to the lockdown guidance from the government around social contacts. Please remember it is a legal requirement to adhere to these rules. 
We have also noticed that there are still a very small minority of parents who are bringing their child to school who aren't wearing face coverings on school grounds. Please could you ensure all adults wear face coverings when visiting school.
We are really sorry to have to ask you to complete yet another form. However, we trust that you will understand the need for us to ensure that places are taken only by those who are critical workers with a genuine need.
Thank you for your ongoing patience and support at this difficult time.
Banwell Primary

Important Information on Booking Places for your Child - Email 22/01/21

Dear parents / carers, 

We are emailing to let you know that the provision for our vulnerable and keyworker children is at capacity in some pods next week and is getting very near in others. Please remember that places MUST be booked in advance. The booking form is sent out at the start of every week and closes at 9am on a Friday for parents to book places in the following week. No places will be given if they have not been booked by this time. Please do not turn up at school if you have not booked a place using the form.  

Even if you are eligible for a place in school at this time, you are not automatically entitled to one: we must risk assess each application in line with the safe capacity of each pod, and we can only admit children where it is safe to do so. It is likely that we will need to begin capping numbers going forward so please can I again reiterate the message of keeping your children at home if this is at all possible and only booking days that are absolutely needed.  

We trust you understand the need to allocate spaces in advance to those families who truly need them and thank you for your understanding with this mater. 

Best wishes, 


Email sent 4th January
Dear Parents & Carers,
I am sure that you will be aware that Boris Johnson has just announced that all primary schools will need to close from tomorrow. He has also explained that schools must remain open for the children of key workers and for those children who are deemed vulnerable.
Having just consulted with Malcolm Davey, our Chair of Governors, we have regrettably taken the decision to call an emergency closure day to ALL PUPILS tomorrow to enable us to put the arrangements that have just been announced in place. To clarify, school will be closed to all pupils tomorrow.
We would never wish to make such a last minute decision but unfortunately with the timescales that have been announced tonight we have no choice. I am about to attend a meeting with fellow headteachers and will be in touch tomorrow with further information, once we have it.
Please accept my apologies for the inevitable inconvenience that this will cause but I trust that you will understand the near impossible situation we have just found ourselves in.
Thank you for your ongoing understanding and support,
From Wednesday 2nd December 2020 we will be placed in Tier 3.  Information can be found on the attached poster.
27th November 2020
Please see letter below which has been sent to all families re the change to Tier 3.  Thank you  

Subject: Wearing of Face Coverings

Date sent: 9th November 2020, 11:20am
Banwell Primary School
Good morning
We would like to make you aware as of today that all staff and any visitors to our school grounds will now be required to wear a face covering or shield when moving around the school.  
A big thank you to the parents and carers who are helping to keep us all safe by following all of the restrictions set out by the government.  Hopefully with us all following these rules we will be able to come out of the 2nd lockdown and enjoy Christmas time with our families and friends.  It is greatly appreciated that the overwhelming majority of parents & carers are supporting the school by wearing face coverings at drop off and pick up times.  Thank you!  
National restrictions from 5 November. Applies to: England (see guidance for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). COVID-19 case numbers are rising rapidly across the whole of the UK and in other ...
Thank you everybody for helping our school be a safe place.   
Take care

Subject: Important Information

Date sent: 4th November 2020, 1:27pm
Banwell Primary School
Dear Parents & Carers,
As you are all aware from tomorrow the nation will be entering a 4 week period of lockdown. This is still pending a vote by MPs later today but seems inevitable. It is expected that schools will remain open for all pupils during this time.
Schools are awaiting further guidance in light of the pending lock down which, as I type this email, has not yet been released. We will obviously share any changes or updates that we need to put in place as soon as we know. 
In the meantime please can I thank all of those parents who continue to support the school with the measures we have put in place to maximise everyone's safety. Can I also take this opportunity to reinforce our request that ALL ADULTS wear face coverings and maintain social distancing at school drop off and pick up. This is to protect everyone and hopefully to ensure we have the capacity to remain open with the required number of staff in school. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping everyone safe. 
Best wishes,
28th September 2020
The letter below from the Department for Education gives guidance of Covid-19 symptoms and what to do if anyone does display any symptoms.  
Email 8/9/20 - Reporting a Child's Sickness
Dear Parents & carers,
Now that we have established arrangements for the children being back in school I would like to clarify what we would ask parents to do if their child is ill. 
As you are aware we have an absence line that we ask parents to leave a message on if their child is going to be absent. In light of the current situation regarding Coronavirus it is vital that school is aware if a child is absent because they are displaying any of the following Coronavirus symptoms:
  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss of, or change to, sense of smell or taste
Please could we therefore ask that if your child is absent with any of the above symptoms you state this clearly in your message. 
Current guidance states that if a child does display any of these symptoms they must initially stay at home for 10 days and get tested for Coronavirus. The rest of the household must self isolate for 14 days.
In light of the guidance please could we ask that you inform the school if your child is going to be tested and once known, let us know what the outcome of the test is.
If the test result comes back negative the child can return to school once they are feeling well enough and the rest of the household can stop self isolating. If the test comes back positive we have clear guidelines to follow and would communicate this if it became necessary. 
Thank you for your ongoing support at this time and please let us know if you have any questions about this.
Best wishes,
Email 22.05.2020

Dear parents / carers,


I should be emailing you a " have a lovely half term break" email today! 


Whilst we haven't seen the children in school this term I know that so many of them have been working hard at home during these strange times. The teachers have been really impressed with what the children have been doing and I know as parents you have done a fantastic job in supporting not only their learning but their well being too. Please allow yourselves to have a break this week and enjoy some quality time away from the learning. 


I am attaching a document which outlines our initial plans for reopening. This is all conditional on the government deeming it safe to reopen primary schools for some pupils from 1st June, at the earliest. 


I apologise that the document is lengthy but I would rather share as much as I can with you about what our plans are at this moment in time. There are still many unknowns and uncertainties and I fully appreciate that this is hard for parents to plan for too. 


You will see in the document that the earliest we will open for pupils will be the 8th June. The rationale for this is explained in the document. We will obviously continue the provision for the vulnerable and key worker children in the week beginning 1st June. 


Please also find attached a letter from Sheila Smith, North Somerset Director of People and Communities, and a document which contains some  free training, which is from the EP service and is about the emotional and mental health needs of pupils returning to school. 


Finally I would like to thank you all for your ongoing support and patience during these uncertain times. I wish I could give you more information and plans at this time but until a definite decision is made by government we can only put provisional plans in place. 


Look after yourselves



Claire Pocock


Email - 11th May 2020
Dear parents & carers,
I am emailing following the ministerial broadcast by Boris Johnson last night. 
There are obviously many things that we need to have a deeper understanding of following the briefing yesterday. We hope this will come in the further information that is due to be released later today. I know that you all, like myself, have many questions at the moment and I am sure that we will begin to get the answers today. 
At this moment in time I know as much as you. Please be assured that as soon as I am able to update parents with clear information I will do so. Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding with this matter.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the kind words of support that the school is receiving. We know how tough it can be at home at the moment but please remember that you are all doing a great job. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to school when we can.
Take care,
Email on 24th April

Dear Families,

As we come to the end of the fifth week of the 'Stay at Home' measures, we would like to say well done and thank you to everyone for the great job you are doing.  


We are all having to adapt to a new normal and it is widely recognised that this can impact on our sense of wellbeing. To help with this, there are lots of very practical activities and useful information on the wellbeing section of the website. Please also remember we are here to support you, please phone 01934 822498 in school hours or email


Through our telephone conversations with families, we have noticed some common concerns/questions. Please see below:

Q: How do I manage with limited devices/more than one child in my household needing access to online learning?

A: Everyone is doing the best they can under the circumstances.  It may be possible to try having a timetable for sharing devices.  Another alternative is to phone or email the school to ask for a paper copy of the home learning pack which parents can arrange to collect during school hours.  


You may be aware of the recent Government announcement for help with technology. For your information, the criteria to be eligible for this is families must not already have access to a device and must be in one of the following groups:

• Children with a social worker 

• Care leavers 

• Disadvantaged children in Yr 10, ahead of sitting GCSEs next year.


Q: Does work produced at home, need to be marked?

A: There is no expectation for work to be marked. However, if parents/children would like feedback from the teacher on something in particular, we would recommend messaging through  the eschools platform as the first option ( You can attach photos or digital copies of work here.) Alternatively you could take a photo of work and email it to the class teacher.


Q: How can I help my child who is missing their friends?

A:  If you haven't already got a telephone number for your child to chat to their friends, children can safely make contact with their class friends through the messages section on our eschools platform. These messages are not private, they can be seen by all users.  So for example in Year 3, you can read the chat between Mr Summers and the children in the class who have sent messages already.  To add your own message under the thread, click reply and type your message. 

If you would like to start a new message, as a pupil, you have to message your class teacher first.  Click new message and in the 'To' box type the teacher's last name and it should open a window for you to click on their name.  Please remember when messaging, to always be polite and not give any personal information e.g. your phone number.


Please also see these resources to promote and support children and young people’s mental wellbeing:



Q: How much time should be spent on learning at home?
A: There is no set timescale. The main thing is to be looking after yourselves both physically and mentally.  For mental wellbeing, it is recommended that whatever your situation, building structure/routine into your day helps with this. We would encourage daily reading and times tables practise, as a minimum, as these should be straight forward.  Also some time spent on the suggested activities on the class pages. 
Please also see the latest guidance for parents:
guidance for parents of primary school children regarding supporting the continuation of education at home


Finally, thanks again for all your support in these challenging times. 

Stay well and keep safe.

Banwell Primary

Email on 15th April 2020
Dear Families
The school is looking at creating online classrooms for your children to access on the schools Eschools website.  
Your child will need to be given a login and password to be able to access this and we are hoping it will be a great way of communicating with them and having a bit of classroom time!  
It will be new to everyone so we will introduce it a class at a time.  Further details will follow when we are ready to launch.    In the meantime you may receive a call from your child's teacher and they will be able to give you your child's login details.  It wont happen straight away so don't worry if you don't hear anything for a while, but please keep checking emails and website for any updates.
Many thanks and stay safe

Email 27th March

Dear Parents / Carers,

Just a quick email from me to say I hope that you are all staying safe and enjoying some time together with your loved ones. I also hope the home learning is going well and that you are being creative with the activities that you are doing. 

I have to say that whilst this has been a crazy, surreal week in many ways it has also shown me how kind and caring everyone can be. We are very much in unknown territory at the moment but I know how supportive the Banwell School community is. Please keep looking after each other and stay safe.  

Please take some time to read the words below and acknowledge how well you're all doing!

Take care,


Dear Parents / Carers,

I am sure that you are all aware that last night the Prime Minister gave an update to the nation, in light of the current Coronavirus pandemic. 

He said people should leave home only to exercise once a day, travel to and from work where "absolutely necessary", shop for essential items and to fulfil any medical or care needs.

He also ordered the immediate closure of shops selling non-essential goods.

In light of this very serious directive I have a duty to protect all staff and children and ensure that everyone is staying at home, where at all possible. 

Therefore for any parent requesting emergency childcare from this point on I am now requesting the following:

  • Both parents must be key workers whose role is essential to the frontline response. Where possible, if either parent (or step parent), including parents who are separated, is not a key worker then they should be staying at home and can therefore look after any children. 
  • Both parents must provide school with clear evidence from their employers to confirm their essential key worker status. School will only provide emergency childcare once this has been received. This is in line with what other schools are requesting. 

I have instructed staff to work from home from now on and only intend to have a bare minimum of staff in school from tomorrow. It is therefore essential that we know which children, if any, we will be having. Please could you therefore contact the school office as matter of priority today to let them know whether you will continue to need emergency childcare, in light of the revised guidance last night. Please also complete and return the table below to confirm your requirements for the rest of this week and next.

I trust that all parents can understand why we are now insisting on such stringent measures. We must keep all children and staff at home, in line with clear requirements nationally, unless there is absolutely no other option. Thank you for your ongoing support in ensuring we can keep our whole school community safe and follow this advice. 


                Name of Child: _______________________________________________



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 Best wishes and stay safe,




IMPORTANT - Emergency Childcare support for Children of Key Workers


I am writing to all parents who have indicated that they need emergency childcare to be provided by school. I am writing as a result of the heightened request from government over the weekend asking everyone to stay at home, unless absolutely necessary. I have attached a flow chart which should give further clarity to government advice.

The government has recommended the best advice is to try and keep your child at home wherever possible so that the spread of the virus is halted. This will help to keep them safe, your families safe and our communities safe. Many parents working in the key sectors may be able to ensure their child is kept at home, and every child who can be safely cared for at home should be.

We would therefore ask that all families using the childcare service at school to consider carefully whether their role is essential to the frontline response. If you are able to make alternative childcare arrangements at home then you should do so please. Where younger siblings are able to be cared for at home then their school age sibling should be cared for at home too.

We would anticipate that this emergency childcare will only be needed for families where both parents are key workers or sole parents with no access to any alternative care (e.g. a friend or other person eg, step parent with parental responsibility).


If, in light of the new advice, you will no longer require the emergency childcare then please let the school office know as soon as possible.


Please continue to follow the government advice should any member of your family display symptoms of the virus. We thank you so much for the support you have shown in this unprecedented situation and we wish you and your families well.

Best wishes,








20.03.2020 10.40am
Dear Parents and carers,
Please see the letter below regarding the latest guidance from the government regarding who meets the criteria as a Key Worker.
If you do meet the criteria, and it is absolutely necessary for you to send your child to school, please complete the form attached and return it to us via email at as soon as possible, no later than 1pm.
Thank you for your cooperation
Banwell Primary