Eagle Class - Year 6

Welcome to Eagle Class, our Year 6 class.
Term 5
Term 5 is a very busy one for us, with SATs week taking place between Monday May 9th 2022 and Thursday May 12th 2022. Information regarding how we administer the SATs tests is available via the link below.
Our geography learning focus this term is around mapping.  We will learn how to read and follow an OS map, how to sketch a map of the local area, and how to interpret and create accurate and informative thematic maps.
Our Science learning is an investigation of the diversity of wildlife in the the areas that will soon be developed as the Banwell Bypass.  We will be working with TCAP, one of the Bypass developers, to understand the habitat as it currently exists and to follow their progress as they look at ensuring the habitat loss is mitigated against.
In History we will be learning about the end of the Anglo Saxons as they fought the invading Vikings.
Working at home:
If your child is currently self-isolating due to Covid, we hope they feel better soon!  If they feel well enough to do some work, there are some packs that they can choose from, which include MATHS and ENGLISH.  
There are three different levels but have a look at the Year 6 level first.
*Year 6 level
*Working Towards Year 6 (which is a little easier)
*Very Beginners, which give you the chance to practise lot of maths concepts.  
Next, there are Arithmetic Practice Sheets.  Have a go and see what you can do!
If you want to have a go at a SAT paper, there is one here.
READING COMPREHENSION - This is a SAT type comprehension with lots of texts to read and questions to answer.
Grammar and Punctuation in the blue English Booklet p.31 or the photocopied sheet.  The focus is punctuation in speech.
(If you do not have your homework book with you, focus on the spellings and time stables.)
Times tables.  This week, if you are confident with x6 (x7 if you know your x6.)