Eco Warriors

The Eco Warriors are made up of two elected pupils (1 boy and 1 girl) from each class Year 1- Year 6 which changes every year. The Eco Warrior team meet every other week, to discuss ideas and projects that they want the rest of the children to be involved in. Throughout the year The Warriors organise different activities and we often have eco schools days. The areas that The Warriors are interested in relate to the nine Eco Schools Topics:

1. Energy
2. Water
3. Biodiversity
4. School grounds
5. Healthy living
6. Transport
7. Litter
8. Waste
9. Global citizenship

In the past The Warriors have made many improvements to the sustainability of Banwell School. These include:

  • Entering the Big Schools Bird Watch
  • Polar Bear Challenge- to ensure all lights and projectors are switched off when not in use
  • Labelling of all light switches and monitoring of temperatures in school which resulted in a reduction in energy costs.
  • Ensuring all classes have Light Savers and Paper Police monitors
  • Planting of a copse at the end of the field and planting of extra hedging and fruit trees.
  • Installation of water butts
  • Redesigning the Sensory Garden with Network 17
  • Making and putting up bird boxes and a bug hotel – with a web cam
  • Tyre park on the field
  • Waste Watch activities including reducing the amount of waste in lunch boxes
  • Improving the recycling of waste e.g. compost, plastics, card etc 
  • Litter monitors
  • Leaving wild areas in the school grounds

Banwell School Eco Warriors organised No Waste Day 2013 for their class mates. The classes were not allowed to waste anything including electricity and everyone's bins were checked at the end of the day. Many pupils wore their own imaginative recycled outfits to school, there was a bring and buy sale at lunch time raising money to spend on the school environment and children found creative ways of re using items that were no longer needed.