Hawk and Eagle class letters

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Subject: Year 5 - Walk to River Banwell on Thursday

Date sent: 9th November 2020, 10:38am
Banwell Primary School
Dear Parents
AS part of our project on the Stone Age, Year 5 are planning to walk down to River Banwell on Thursday this week 12th November in the morning to do some geographical field studies. We will be sketching the features as well finding out the speed and profile of the river. 
We will leave school at 9.15 am and would like some parents to come with us and be responsible for one of the activities that the children will be doing in groups.  We will return before lunch. All adults will need to wear masks for the trip and follow social distancing and safe covid practices. 
The children should not be getting wet generally but should bring wellingtons if they have them as we will need some children to get into the river to measure the width and the depth. If they do have wellingtons,  they  will need to bring a change of shoes and socks. 
If it is wet on Thursday, we will postpone until the following Wednesday. 
Please let the office know if you are able to help. office@banwellprimary.co.uk  or 01934 822498.
Many thanks
Year 5 Team