Curriculum Subject: History

History at Banwell Primary School is taught as part of our project learning.  At least two projects every year, taught across four of the six terms, include a History focus.  We cover all of the objectives within the History National Curriculum for the relevant key stages.
We are lucky to live in an area with a rich heritage.  Banwell includes a castle, caves in which bones were discovered belonging to animals including a hyena and a bear that lived 80,000 years ago, links with the Anglo Saxon kings of Wessex and also to Judge Jeffries and the dismal end to the Monmouth Rebellion.  Where possible, we link our history learning to the local environment.
Our curriculum includes projects that focus on individual periods of time, as well as projects which explore how a single strand has changed across time.  We aim to bring History to life, with a strong focus on teaching some key areas of knowledge which are shared areas of our communal understanding that will enable children to participate fully in life and study as they grow.
Planning and teaching
We currently have an academisation order in place, which means that we intend to become part of the ELAN MAT in due course.  At present ELAN have kindly started to welcome us into their family of schools and we are using the ELAN progression documents to ensure that our curriculum meets the needs of our children.