Online Safety and AUPs

We want the children to be inspired by all the wonderful resources the internet can offer, and are guiding them to ensure that they make good choices. Online safety is embedded in our computing curriculum and the children are continually encouraged to be aware of their online responsibilities, not only to keep themselves safe but also to be respectful of other users. 
We take part in Safer Internet Day every year, this year we sent home our safer internet awareness booklet. You can find a copy of this to download below.
Digital Parenting is a magazine aimed at helping parents and giving guidance on how they can help their children to stay safe when they are using the internet. The latest issue is available to download below, along with all previous issues.
All children must read and understand our Acceptable User Policy. These have been shared with the children in their classrooms. These are also available to download below.
Please also look at the links on the class pages to age-appropriate online activities and parental guidance.
These are the Acceptable User Policies (AUP)  that we use in school with the children. We discuss why these are important with the children and send a copy home with the children at the start of each school year.
Would you like to help your child understand more about keeping themselves safe online?
Are you worried about your privacy settings at home?
These websites have practical advice for parents, and a variety of games and 'think about it' activities for children.
The digital parenting publication has a good breadth of ideas and articles to give you insight on how to guide your child through the digital world.