Year R

Welcome to Reception
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'Would You Like To Be An Astronaut?'
Hi Everyone,
Welcome back to Reception Class!
We have enjoyed exploring our classroom and garden, planting new bulbs so we have lovely flowers to observe in the summer. It has been so lovely to see how happy you all are to be back in class again, sharing toys with each other, coming into school so sensibly and how kind you are to each other as you play and learn with your friends. We have been practicing our sound pots and reading books at home, and doing maths games and activities for homework.
Here are some pictures of us learning...
Have a look at the ideas below to keep your family active together and to look after your wellbeing.
The Oak National Academy Online Classroom has some complete Foundation Stage lesson videos and activities for you to watch, join in with and learn from. Click the link below to choose English (Literacy), Maths or a Foundation EYFS area of learning:
What a fantastic job you are all doing practicing your reading at home! We love hearing about the stories you have read yourselves and why you like them, and helping you to choose a new one to take home and share.
Recommended Links to Learning:
Online Safety
Click the link below to find ways to share with young children how they can stay safe when they are online:
Click on the link below to take you to the National Online Safety website. Here you can download parent guides about popular apps and games.
Use the link here to download the correct way to pronounce each letter sound that we are learning, and to sing the song and do the action to help you remember each new sound:
Other resources to support Literacy:
Use the videos below to help you do some warm up activities to get your hands ready for handwriting.
Support your child with Mathematical Development: