Year R

Welcome to Reception
Hi Everyone,
We hope you are all well and have been keeping busy using your home learning packs and all of the activities that you can access here online. We miss seeing you in school and are thinking of you all.
Below is the link to our class project about minibeasts.
Please click below for the Project Map for Term 5.
This Week At School:
This week at school in the Reception Class we are:
  • Week 5 Term 6 Home Learning - 29.6.20
    Last week's lessons and all phoneme videos are now in Minibeast Projects. Please do not put pressure on yourself to do any / all of the below. It is here if you get the chance and want to. The most important thing you can do academically is read with your child. 
    Phonics and Literacy:
  • Consolidation of  sounds and sight words so far up to /ear/, letter names and zigzag letters handwriting formation.
    Specific focus upon: air ure er   Sight words: are was
  • Data Handling - creating  a minibeast pictogram. If you have done this already at home you could do a flowers in our garden/park pictogram instead.
  • Number recognition and ordering to 20, and beyond if possible.
  • Focusing on the number 19
  • Doubling dots on ladybirds
  • Exploring reflection by painting half a butterfly and then printing the second half to make a whole   
    Understanding the World: 
  • Making predictions based upon climate for which minibeasts we expect to find on our minibeast hunt this week.
  • Choose any activities from project work on minibeasts, from any area of EYFS projects or consolidate from last week's lessons.
  • Keep healthy, stay safe and look after your family. Please email if you have any questions. Thank you
The Oak National Academy Online Classroom has some complete Foundation Stage lesson videos and activities for you to watch, join in with and learn from. Click the link below to choose English (Literacy), Maths or a Foundation EYFS area of learning:
Have you had a go at making your own rainbow to display in your window at home yet? We have been enjoying spotting the ones where we live. You could use the outline here or make up your own!
We have had a lovely time designing our own dream houses for a school competition. It was great to hear your very imaginative ideas everyone!
Recommended Links to Learning:
Online Safety
Click the link below to find ways to share with young children how they can stay safe when they are online:
Click on the link below to take you to the National Online Safety website. Here you can download parent guides about popular apps and games.
Use the link here to download the correct way to pronounce each letter sound that we are learning, and to sing the song and do the action to help you remember each new sound:
Other resources to support Literacy:
Use the videos below to help you do some warm up activities to get your hands ready for handwriting.
Support your child with Mathematical Development: