Intent, Implementation, Impact

Banwell School Curriculum

Our School curriculum is designed to provide a broad and balanced education that is inspired by our children and aims to meet their needs as they grow and develop. It supports the children’s spiritual moral, social and cultural development, ensuring they are prepared for life in modern Britain.

Our curriculum celebrates our village culture, as Banwell has a fascinating history and holds many hidden gems these include a natural spring and water management centre, a Fire Station Museum, a Castle, St Andrews church, hills, woods and even a Bone Cave. We like to use our unique surroundings as a stimulating and inspiring and base for our learning.

Intent - What do we want our pupils to know and to be able to do?

We aim to harness and encourage children’s interests and a love of learning so that all children are keen and curious lifelong learners who achieve academic and personal success. We want our pupils to develop a passion and knowledge of their local area and how this helps them to find their place in the wider world.

Our school curriculum incorporates the National Curriculum for England which sets out the content and programmes of study for maintained primary schools. The National Curriculum is an entitlement for children to access all subjects, thus providing them with a broad and balanced education that acknowledges the significance of English, Mathematics and Science but equally the importance of the Arts, History, Geography, Music, Languages, Computing, Religious Education and how we understand British Values in a modern world. 

It is underpinned by our vision, ‘Belong Believe Achieve’ and our core values of Aspiration, Confidence, Courage, Curiosity, Kindness, Resilience and Respect. Banwell has a “Learning without limits” ethos. This means that we are passionate in ensuring that every child is enabled to do the very best that they can, and more. We are relentless in removing barriers to learning and we have no ceilings as to what we believe our children can achieve.

Through our “Learning without Limits” pedagogy we:

  • trust our children to challenge themselves and take ownership of their learning. We encourage them to be curious and to ask questions so that they develop a deep understanding of the world they live in.
  • value everybody. We ensure that all of our children have a voice that is heard across the school.
  • work collaboratively and have co-agency for our learning. We support and challenge each other in school.
  • encourage surprise and change. We embrace the unpredictability of learning and our curriculum has been developed by following the interests and needs of the children.

We also focus strongly on ensuring that we look after our own and each other’s’ physical and emotional well-being and mental health. Across the whole school, we have two daily sessions focusing on the 5 ways of well-being which are: Connect, Be Active, Keep learning, Be creative and Take notice and we also use the wide embracing Jigsaw scheme of work to deliver our PSHE curriculum.

We strive to continuously review, develop and improve our curriculum as we respond to the children and their needs, this enables us to keep our curriculum fresh, relevant and exciting for our children.

Implementation – How do we plan and teach our curriculum?

The curriculum is organised into projects that are shaped by the children’s passions. Children are given choices and the opportunity to input into the learning journey, which has a clear knowledge base. Our projects are planned in four teams; EYFS, Years 1 and 2, Year 3 and 4, and Years 5 and 6. Each team plans three large projects a year.

 Each project:

  • Is driven by children’s interests, big ideas/concepts and real life experiences
  • Has  bookends- a hook to ignite the passion and a celebration of learning at the end
  • Will aim to leave a legacy
  • Begins with an essential question to stimulate curiosity
  • Incorporates engaging texts
  • Is relevant to our world and makes use of our local surroundings
  • It is underpinned by questions to stimulate curiosity and the desire for knowledge
  • Has a link to each of our core values

Information about each new project is shared with parents. Please see year group pages on our website for more information.

We plan lessons that encourage children to take responsibility and risks in their learning. We use a variety of teaching strategies/approaches and resources to help children experience enjoyment and success in learning. The class teams ensure that they know their children well and feedback to both the children and parents identifying what is going well and the next steps for learning.

As well as working individually, children can work in pairs or small groups developing their problem solving, creativity and communication skills. We embrace whole school initiatives and work in larger mixed age groups to complete challenges during science week or through our project celebrations.

Impact – How do we know if we are successful in meeting our aims?

The impact of our curriculum is assessed and responded to throughout.  We have high expectations of our children so that they progress and achieve to the highest possible standard for themselves in all areas of our curriculum.

Our teachers are experts at reflecting on the impact of our teaching on the children’s learning ensuring that it is memorable, exciting and stimulating to ensure the children retain knowledge and skills learned. We have regular pupil progress meetings across the year with senior leader, subject leaders and the SENCO to discuss academic success and barriers to learning and agree next steps.

The children take part in statutory assessments; Year 1 phonics screening test, Key Stage 1 SATs, Year 4 multiplication check and Key Stage 2 SATs. The outcomes of these statutory tests are reported and monitored by our governing body and used to inform our School Improvement Plan.

When our children leave our school we ensure that there is a robust transition and that they are equipped to access the next steps of their developing and exciting educational journey. We are confident that the strong basis for a growth mind set and personal excellence gained throughout the school will enable them to thrive and develop in the future.