Year 1

Hello! We're year 1.
We are very lucky to have some parents who have lot's of knowledge and experience of different counties in Africa. They brought in some artefacts, told us stories and taught us some some very interesting facts.
We had a fabulous time banging out tunes in our African drum workshop!
As part of our Africa project we were lucky enough to have a visitor from Churchill school to help us create and perform an African dance. We really enjoyed moving to the music and working in solo, pairs, groups and in unison.
Recently we have been learning about weights and measures. We weighed and compared classroom objects to each other and found out exactly how much different objects weighed using non-standard units. We have compared volumes of water and have investigated the capacities of different containers.
We all looked amazing on World Book Day. We dressed up as book characters and immersed ourselves in their stories. We had shared stories with our parents and friends and were excited to talkabout our favourites. During the day we worked with children across reception and KS1 to build a magnetic sea bird as part of our science project. We challenged ourselves to pick up as many magnetic fish as we could. 
Science week was really exciting this year. We investigated magnets and found out which was the strongest magnet, which materials were magnetic, and how to make our own compasses. 
In addition to this, we have researched plastic pollution in our seas and how this has and will continue to affect our oceans and the wildlife within them. 
Our trip to Bristol Aerospace has helped us understand how machines work and how they are developed to help us achieve amazing things. We are inspired to build and invent our own machines.
Our new project is Cracking Contraptions. Please look at the overview to see some of the learning we will be doing.
We have been learning about the types of food that we need to eat to keep us healthy. During two visits from our catering company we made pictures with fruit and vegetables and designed and made our own smoothies.
We have learnt the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. We used 'talk for writing' and we are now all experts!
We started the year by sharing lots of stories together and found out that lots of us enjoyed Julia Donaldson stories. We acted out the 'Room on the Broom' in a story square. 
Reading and Spelling
We have been so pleased with how many parents are listening to their children read and are also spending time to share books together. Thank you. This makes such a difference for your child.