Year 1

Hi Year 1,
We hope you are all having fun with your at home learning and are keeping yourselves safe and well. It's lovely to see the sun shining, at last, and  have noticed lots of signs of spring. Have a look to see if you can see any leaves beginning to emerge from the buds. Perhaps you could draw them, take some photos and describe what you can see. 
There are many free websites with some lovely ideas to do at home and we have added some links below. 
Please keep using your learning packs and have lots of fun reading and playing at home. Keeping moving is really important too. 
You are very welcome to email any photos of your learning to us. 
Week 2 
Hi Everyone,
We are really missing you all and hope that you are all well.
This week we would be learning about the Easter story. What does Easter mean to you? Perhaps you could draw an Easter picture.
How about drawing some eggs, cutting them out and hiding them around the house or garden for your family to find. 
You could invent a new Easter egg and draw and label what it would be like.
You could write the recipe and include some wild and surprising ingredients!
You could make an Easter model out of things you can find.
Have you done anything you would like to share? You are very welcome to email us on the addresses in your packs.
This is Carol Voderman's maths teaching site. It is free to sign up at the moment and has teaching videos, practice questions and games.
Number fun portal: This site is for ages 3 -11 and is full of maths songs and activities. Have a try at Farmer Pete’s chicken song!
The audible website. If you select 'Littlest Listeners' there are a selection of books to listen to and nursery rhymes and songs to sing along to. It could be  good to listen to these whilst drawing or trying a jigsaw puzzle. Some of the books are single stories; others are much larger compilations so have a look and explore!
Below are 3 PE based youtube channels. Joe Wicks is live at 9:00 daily and then available on the channel.
Oti Mabuse is live at 11:30 each day and the cosmic kids has different videos to choose from.
At the bottom is a link to the go noodle family page. We use go noodle for well-being, exercise and fun. Our current favourite is Believer which is on the Ntv channel. We also love Zumba kids, Blazer Fresh, Moosetube, Maximo and Flow.

Welcome to year 1.


Please enjoy our class page as we continue our exciting year one journey...


We all looked marvellous dressed as a book character for World Book Day. We all chose a new book and shared a quiet moment reading with our friends.
We worked with reception and year 2 classes to create some amazing rainforest trees during science week. We tested their strength using Newton metres and how strong the branches were by adding a 300g monkeys! We were very proud of our achievements!
We have loved our Traction Man project. Have a look at some of the fabulous super hero capes we made for our toys. 
We had a fantastic day at the Tyntesfield Estate. We learnt about toys from the past and  what it would have been like to be a child living in Tyntesfield over one hundred years ago. We were blown away by the size of the house and the beautiful grounds it was set in.
A massive thank you to all of the parents, families and friends that came to watch us sing and act so amazingly in our Christmas nativity.
We had great fun raising money for children in need.
Click on the picture to play the numbots game.
It was great fun to design sandwiches which we made and ate at our Animal tea party. We made delicious chocolate cornflake cakes and year 2 made very yummy biscuits. We dressed up and had lots of fun.
We are really enjoying our 'How to animals safe' project.
While we were at Secret World animal rescue we learnt how wild animals are can be rescued, rehabilitated and released back into the wild. 
We also made seed bombs out of clay to encourage wildlife to live in our gardens.
Reading and Spelling
We have been so pleased with how many parents are listening to their children read and are also spending time to share books together. Thank you. This makes such a difference for your child.