Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 
What is Remembrance Day?
On Friday 9th November, we researched and found out lots of information about Remembrance Day. As part of our whole class activities, we worked together to make our own poppy wreaths as a sign of remembrance. 
Why not pop into the classroom and have a look?
On Monday 1st October, we took part in a Healthy Eating workshop. We found out about the different food types we need to eat by looking at the Eatwell Guide. Then, we had to use lots of different vegetables and arrange them to create our very own Healthy Food Pictures. It was lots of fun and we got to eat our masterpieces once they were finished.
Welcome to our Year 2 Art Gallery
In our computing lessons, we have been using a painting program to recreate pictures in the style of famous artists. We have learnt how to make lines and colour fill in the style of Mondrian. We have studied the work of Van Gogh and the techniques he used to create swirly patterns. Finally, we looked at Picasso and his Cubism style of art, where he created pictures using unusual patterns and shapes. 
English Games
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Maths Games
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Check your knowledge of the numbers pairs that make 10.
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