Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 
Click on the picture link to take you to the games.
We learn new phonics and spellings rules every week and do lots of different activities to make sure we can apply them when we are writing.
Log in to Spelling Shed to practise the words. It only takes 5 minutes to play a game so why not try and play as often as you can.
Can you make it on to the leaderboard?
Click on the picture below to take you to the World Book Day website.
Here, you will find all sorts of books that you can listen to.
Which one is your favourite?
Click on the picture below to take you to the Oxford Owl website. There is a free e-book library for you to choose from.
Are there any books that you have already read? 
Games to practise Place Value and Number Ordering skills.
Click on the link below to take you to the National Online Safety website.
Here you can download parent guides about popular apps and games.
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Make sure you choose a level that will challenge your brain!
This weeks Maths challenge:
Games to practise Multiplication and Division skills.
Games to practise Addition and Subtraction skills.
Other fun songs to help you remember maths skills.
Click on the images to play the coding games.
Can you debug your lines of code?
As part of our learning project, we have been finding out about what life could be like in a Kenyan village, just like in our story about Lila and the Secret of the Rain.
Miss Clough, from the North Somerset Music Service, brought in lots of different African instruments for us to try out. We learnt an African song and used body percussion and the instruments to keep the beat and play the rhythm. We had a really fantastic time!
Welcome back to Terms 3 and 4.
The Year 2 team hope you all had a very lovely Christmas and wish you all a very happy 2019. We are starting this year by welcoming Mr Lowe to our class. He is a trainee teacher and will be with us until the summer.
Our learning project for Terms 3 and 4 is called 'Cracking Contraptions.' We recently received a parcel that contained some interesting items; goggles, a warm hat, a picture of an aeroplane and the question 'What adventures would you go on?' This is going to be a very exciting learning project!
Our WOW day
On Wednesday 30th January, we went on our very exciting trip to Bristol Aerospace. We were able to see many different types of planes and had lots of fun exploring the exhibits. We even got to go on Concorde! We had a great time. 
At the beginning of December, we had two new friends appear in our classroom; Kiltte and Tipo, the Kindness Elves. They had been sent by Father Christmas as he had heard how hard we try to be kind and caring and needed our help to spread the Christmas Magic.
Every day, Kiltte and Tipo leave us notes and little challenges to help us spread kindness. Sometimes, they ask us to share a smile or to say 'thank you'. Other times, they ask us to make things that they think will make other people happy. 
Ask us about some of the notes they have left us. You are more than welcome to pop in and visit our Kindness Elves but they are asleep during the day so they can spread the Christmas Magic at night.
What is Remembrance Day?
On Friday 9th November, we researched and found out lots of information about Remembrance Day. As part of our whole class activities, we worked together to make our own poppy wreaths as a sign of remembrance. 
Why not pop into the classroom and have a look?
Welcome to our Y2 Art Gallery
In our computing lessons, we have been using a painting program to recreate pictures in the style of famous artists. We have learnt how to make lines and colour fill in the style of Mondrian. We have studied the work of Van Gogh and the techniques he used to create swirly patterns. Finally, we looked at Picasso and his Cubism style of art, where he created pictures using unusual patterns and shapes. 
On Monday 1st October, we took part in a Healthy Eating workshop. We found out about the different food types we need to eat by looking at the Eatwell Guide. Then, we had to use lots of different vegetables and arrange them to create our very own Healthy Food Pictures. It was lots of fun and we got to eat our masterpieces once they were finished.