Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 
Hello Everyone!
We hope that you and your families are well and are looking after each other. We also hope that you are enjoying your home learning and are wowing your families with knowledge and skills.
The weather has been beautiful so hopefully you will have had some opportunities to go outside and be active. Why not use this time to activate your curiosity and look for signs of spring? Look for signs of new growth on trees and plants and see if you can spot any mini-beasts emerging. 
Our class web-page already has many links you can use for your learning but here are some more that you can use with your families. Don't forget that your families can email us if you want to share some of the things you have been doing.
Have fun and look after each other.
Email: 20th April
Dear Families,
Welcome to Term 5! We hope you are all keeping well and are looking after each other.
Please find attached our home learning project, which is called 'How does Jack's beanstalk grow?'. We have tried to include many practical and child led activities which we hope you will all enjoy. The project grid offers a variety of challenges and ideas that could be completed as well as links to resources that could be used. 
Over the next few days, we hope to check in with all of you by phone to see how you are and to offer you any support or guidance you may need to support your child with their learning. We will also be giving you your child's login details so they can access their own part of our class page on the school website. This page will include links to resources and additional challenges as well as being somewhere where they can message us and their friends safely. 
Obviously, our priority is that you all stay healthy and happy so if you have any worries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Take care and look after each other.
Mrs Philpott
Email 6th April 
Dear Families,
We hope you are all keeping safe and well and are enjoying the time you are spending together.
As it it now the 'Easter Holidays', we thought you might like a few activities to do. Please find attached an Easter Project which has lots of different ideas for things that you can make, do and research.
We would really love to see your end results, so please feel free to email us any photos of the things you have done. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Take care and look after each other.
Mrs Philpott, Mrs Browett and Miss Gibbs.
Thank you children and parents! We are beginning to receive photographs of your fabulous Easter creations and have added them to our gallery. Keep them coming, there's plenty of room for yours too.
Week 2 
Email 31st March 2020 - Message from Mrs Philpott
Hello Year 2 and your families!
I hope you are all as well as can be and are finding lots of fun things to do altogether. Our Year 2 classroom is a very quiet place without you all and I do miss seeing you every day. 
I just wanted to send out a little message to say 'well done' to those of you who are regularly practising your spellings and number bonds. Some of you have been on Spelling Shed nearly every day! That is pretty amazing and you should be very proud of yourselves.
We are now entering into week 2 of our home learning activities. In the packs that we gave out, there were some home learning grids for Maths, Reading and Writing which gave lots of practical and fun ways to support your learning, so hopefully you have been doing some of these with your families. I hope you have also been doing lots of reading and listening to books.
On our class page, I have added lots of links that will help you to Keep Active, Keep Learning and to Take Notice. In our reading section, there are lots of links for books you can listen to. Ask your families to explore the Libraries for Schools link as there are so many different activities you can do. You can watch authors read their books, take part in drawing sessions with illustrators and download all sorts of different activities.
For those of you that would like a Maths Challenge, I have added the whole class to the Times Table Rock Stars game.  Here, you will be asked multiplication and division questions. At the moment, I have given everybody the 10 times table as the questions can be a little confusing. Once I can see that you are finding it easier, I will add other times tables for you to do. To play the game, you use the same login details that you use for Numbots. If you are not sure of your Numbots login details, ask someone in your family to email me and I will give them your login and password. You can use the link below, or use the one on the website to play the TT Rock Stars game.
Don't forget that you can email me any photos of work you have been doing or things you would like to share. Or even just email me to say hello! Thank you to those families that have done this already; it is really lovely to hear from you.
Look after each other and try to keep on being the best that you can be.
Mrs Philpott
Keep Active
Joe Wicks – The Body Coach TV
Fitness and movement tutorials for all ages and fitness levels. PE with Joe sessions are live at 9am every week day but are available to catch up later in the day.
Cosmic Kids Yoga 

Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation activities designed specifically for children.


This is a website and app that offers movement, yoga and mindfulness videos. We do lots of these at school and they are lots of fun.

Keep Learning - Reading

World Book Day website

Links to audio books and also a range of activities that can be downloaded.

Libraries for Schools

This site offers a wealth of activities and resources. You can listen to books read by their authors, join in with draw-a-long sessions with book illustrators and find links to other book activities. It is definitely worth taking a bit of time to explore all the links.

Audible UK

This site offers a range of stories and rhymes to listen to. Click on the tabs on the discovery page to find suitable books.

Keep Learning - Maths


We use this app at school so all children have an account. You can find your child’s login details in their reading record or in their home learning pack.

The Maths Factor

This is quite a new website which offers video tutorials and games to support Maths learning. At the moment, it is free but you may need to subscribe to join (free) to access some of the content. Click on the Course Topic tab and try the activities in the Explorer section. The Parent Zone and Games and Fun tabs are definitely worth exploring.

TT Rock Stars

Are you ready for a times table challenge? Are you ready to be a rock star? Use your Numbots login details to play this game.

Take Notice

Virtual Museum and Art Gallery Tours

Natural History Museum, London

Your chance to look around the exhibits of the Natural History museum without all those other visitors!

Edinburgh Zoo

Check out these webcams to view Pandas, Koalas, Penguins and Tigers.

Great Fire of London

This is a great website to find out more about the Great Fire of London. There are interactive games, stories and artefacts that can be explored.

We are really enjoying finding out clues to help us learn about the Great Fire of London which happened in 1666. Click on the link to see what London would have looked like over 350 years ago.
This term, we are learning about toys and events from the past. Lots of us brought in some old toys from home and we looked for clues to find out how old they could be. Mrs Shephard brought in some games that she would have played with when she was younger and we had a lovely time playing with them. We went on an outing to Tyntesfield and found out about toys and games that would have been played with in Victorian times. We were also very lucky and got to see inside the nursery. We have really enjoyed our learning about toys from the past.
We went to Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre as part of our learning project of 'What can we do to keep animals safe?' We learnt how they rescue animals and how they take care of them once they are back at the rescue centre. We also made some seed bombs which we can plant in the garden. These will release bee friendly plant seeds once the clay breaks down. 
We used an art package on the laptops to create our own masterpieces.
We developed our mark making skills and learnt how to insert lines and shapes and how to fill with colour.
Click on the picture link to take you to the games.
We learn new phonics and spellings rules every week and do lots of different activities to make sure we can apply them when we are writing.
Log in to Spelling Shed to practise the words. It only takes 5 minutes to play a game so why not try and play as often as you can.
Can you make it on to the leaderboard?
Click on the picture below to take you to the World Book Day website.
Here, you will find all sorts of books that you can listen to.
Which one is your favourite?
Click on the link below to take you to the National Online Safety website.
Here you can download parent guides about popular apps and games.
Click on the picture to take you to the game. 
Make sure you choose a level that will challenge your brain!
We need to know the number bonds for numbers up to 20.
Play these games to help you learn them.
Games to practise Place Value and Number Ordering skills.