Year 6

Welcome to Year 6
Our Project for terms 1 and 2 is ' What Makes a Hero? ' and it is mainly based around World War II. 
Year 6 started off the year with their confidence building camp experience at Knapp House. Everyone had a brilliant time going out of their comfort zone in all the activities and enjoying a bonding experience together. 
We started off the project with a Wow Day entitled ' On the Home Front' and we took part in different activities including Make Do and Mend, Dig for Victory, making gas mask boxes and wartime cooking. 
As part of our project we visited East Somerset Railway Station to see what it felt like to be an evacuee in World War II. We were also reading Goodnight Mr Tom which dealt with the experiences of Willie when he was evacuated to Little Weirwold.
Our topic also included learning about the importance of The Battle of Britain in World War II and on our visit to The Fleet Air Arm museum we were able to see the see the history of aircraft that had flown during warfare. It was interesting to see the Seafire, which was the spitfire that was adapted for use at sea. 
At the fleet Air Arm Museum we attended a workshop on how ejection seats works and we built a seat for a teddy and tested our inventions. 
We were inspired to make our own aircraft and challenged ourselves to see how far it would fly. We invited parents in to help us and share their expertise. 
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