Year 6

Welcome back to Year 6!
We are delighted to have Year 6 back at school and are very proud at how well they have settled back in to school life, at Banwell.
Since being back at school, the children have written some fantastic reports in English about street children in Ethiopia; they have shown great compassion and empathy to express what they have learned from reading our class book, The Garbage King and using their own research skills. The children have also wowed us with their weaving skills! When all of this work is completed, photos will be on this page.
Our project, 'What Unites Humanity?' will continue until the end of this term. 
This will start again on Monday 22nd March. We will continue to use their booklets from before Christmas.
Grammar and Punctuation booklet. Weekly spellings.
Maths linked to classwork.
Reading comprehension
Remember to keep practising your x tables. We have now completed all of them but it is very important that children continue learning them. 
The spelling lists are at the bottom of the listed resources. Please scroll through to find the relevant ones. 
For the coming weeks the spellings will be:
22.03.21.: Words with ie / ei 
29.03.21.: Revise prefixes and suffixes
Children will be tested every Friday.  They are expected to learn the class words and challenge words throughout the week. The class words are the spelling patterns that children learn throughout the year.  The challenge words are more difficult words that children in Year 5 and 6 are expected to know.
Working at home:
If your child would like to do some work at home, there are some packs that they can choose from, which include: MATHS and ENGLISH.  There are a different levels so choose the one that suits you.
*Year 6 level
*Working Towards Year 6 (which is a little easier)
*Very Beginners, which give you the chance to practise lot of maths concepts.  
Next, there are Arithmetic Practice Sheets.  Have a go and see what you can do!
If you want to have a go at a SAT paper, there is one here.
READING COMPREHENSION - This is a SAT type comprehension with lots of texts to read and questions to answer.