Year 6

Welcome to Year 6
The project for terms 3 and 4 is 'Our Polar World. How can we explore and protect it?'
On our wow day we used our imaginations to reconstruct Shackleton's amazing journey across the ice floes carrying all the provisions, battling in the James Caird against gigantic storms, putting up tents in freezing blizzards and finally climbing the mountains of South Georgia to safety. 
We have also made some animations to tell the story of Shackleton's journey.
In term 3 we looked at what a unique and amazing place Antarctica is and how different it is to other places in the world. We looked at the explorers who have shown determination and bravery in conquering the South Pole  and in particular Ernest Shackleton who rescued his men after his ship Endurance was crushed by in 1912.
Year 6 started off the year with their confidence building camp experience at Knapp House. Everyone had a brilliant time going out of their comfort zone in all the activities and enjoying a bonding experience together. 
We went up to Banwell Woods and collected wood for making fires to see how they lived in the StoneAge. We sat around the fire and listened to the first chapter of Wolf Brother.
Our favourite subject is science. We tried to identify different rocks by testing them with vinegar. As a class we love doing experiments and have been separating mixtures and seeing how long different substances take to dissolve. 
We were also invited to climb the many stairs to the top of the St Andrew's Church tower and the view from the top was stunning. We saw the clock mechanism and the bells in the tower. 
Our project this term is 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt. ....A Stone Age Quest.' The first bear we found was the skull of a huge brown bear that was found in Banwell Bone Cave and is now in a museum in Somerset. We enjoyed being shown round the Bone Cave by John and Yvonne. 
Our next trip was to Wild Place where we visited all the animals and were given a workshop about Wolf Behaviour and we could see these magnificent creatures close at hand. 
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