Year R

Welcome to Reception
Hi Everyone,
We hope you are all well and have been keeping busy using your home learning packs and all of the activities that you can access online. We miss seeing you in school and are thinking of you all.
Below is the link to our class project about space. We had been hoping to see all of your families for our end of project celebration before the Easter Holiday, so please have a look through and see if there are any ideas you would like to try out at home instead. It is such lovely weather you could have a go at playing 'Whatever Next' in your garden like we did in class, and find a cardboard box to turn into a rocket and do some space travelling like teddy did in the story!
Please click below for the Project Map for Terms 3 and 4.
We will be planning our Summer Term Project for Terms 5 and 6 this week, and will add it to this class website page at the start of Term 5.
Have you had a go at making your own rainbow to display in your window at home yet? We have been enjoying spotting the ones where we live. You could use the outline here or make up your own!
This Week At School:
This week at school in the Reception Class we would have been:
  • Revising all of the sounds and sight words we have learned:
 s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f ff l ll ss j v w x y z zz qu ch sh th ng
the to I no go so he she we me be said there my you they her like have were do
  • Learning the number 17 - you can watch the number rap on CBeebies and then practise writing 17 on paper, drawing 17 things and writing sums where the answer is 17.
  • Preparing for a special visitor!

  • Shared read: We would have read this sentence together!:

  • See on the high shelf. Is the bunny up there?

Happy Easter Everyone!
Last week at school in the Reception Class we would have been:
  • Going on a Spring Time walk and taking notice of the things that we can see and hear.
  • Learning the sight words: like / have / were / do (they are on your sight words sheet in your reading records). Can you:
  • Read the sentences: 

    They were going to get a big bun from the shop.

    They were having a fantastic night at the disco.

  • Answer the yes / no questions:

    Do you like green eggs and ham?

    Do you get lots of blocks in the shed?

  •  Write the sentences:

    I like to have eggs with my lunch. Do you like them? Were you having a sandwich?

  • Learning the number 16 - you can watch the number rap on CBeebies and then practise writing 16 on paper, drawing 16 things and writing sums where the answer is 16.

  • Investigating how tall is teddy? Explain the challenge to measure a teddy of their own choice and apply what they know:

    Children to investigate using different non-standard measures and tape measures, rulers, cubes and hands.

    Record on paper.


We have had a lovely time designing our own dream houses for a school competition. It was great to hear your very imaginative ideas everyone!
Recommended Links to Learning:
Online Safety
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Click on the link below to take you to the National Online Safety website. Here you can download parent guides about popular apps and games.
Use the link here to download the correct way to pronounce each letter sound that we are learning, and to sing the song and do the action to help you remember each new sound:
Other resources to support Literacy:
Use the videos below to help you do some warm up activities to get your hands ready for handwriting.
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