Year R

Welcome to Reception
Please click below for the Project Map for Terms 5 and 6.
We have been very busy explorers this term investigating which minibeasts live at Banwell School. We have found lots of different types of minibeasts that we have observed closely with magnifying glasses looking for similarities and differences. Enjoy looking through these pictures and see if you can remember some of your finds!
We have also found some interesting minibeasts outside of the school grounds, and have brought them in for the class to study.
Exciting news everybody!
Today our class caterpillars have completed their metamorphosis and butterflies have started to emerge from their chrysalides. As promised see below the video of one butterfly emerging from the chrysalis:
We had a great time doing lots of different fine-motor activities developing our co-ordination and strength in our fingers, hands and arms. See if there are any you can complete at home!
We had a very exciting launch to our project about 'Space' on our Wow Day with Jo from the Space Detectives! We found out exactly what we needed to get ready for our Space Mission and all about the science that would make our rockets fly.
Testing! Testing! See if you can spot any of our rockets in flight...
5th February 2019 - Chinese New Year - Year of the Pig
Reception Class had fun learning about the Chinese New Year. The children ate traditional food using chopsticks, made Chinese lanterns and dragon masks, created their own dragon dances, learnt how to say hello and Happy New Year in Chinese and learnt how the 12 animals were chosen to represent the Chinese Years. We learnt how important the colours red and gold are. Chinese people believe the colour red is lucky and the colour gold brings wealth.
'Kung hei fat choi'
Reception Class had a fantastic trip to the Valley of the Dinosaurs at Wookey Hole on Wednesday 14th November. The children were very well behaved and had lots of fun interacting with the resources. A real credit to the school. A big thank you to the parent helpers who kindly came on the trip. We look forward to our next off site learning experience soon.
We are so pleased with how the children are bringing their sound pots to school each day having practised recognising them at home. Use the sounds to make words with 4 sounds now such as: stop nest gran still shops clap dinner as we have been making these using the magnetic letters and writing them during phonics time in class.
Mary the hen came to visit our class whilst we told the story of 'The Little Red Hen'. 
The pictures show us looking at the ears of wheat, planting some grains of wheat to grow in class and grinding grains of wheat in a grinder to make our own flour!
Very excitingly, Mary has laid some eggs which we are incubating in our class! We have been looking after the eggs in the incubator and checking that they have enough water, and that they are warm enough and we will be able to find out next week if they will hatch.
Exciting News Everyone!
We have had 4 chicks hatch from their eggs in the last 24 hours, and we are enjoying observing their similarities and differences and how they are learning to peck their food and drink their water. We learned how to segment and blend the word 'peck' as a part of our phonics time today using the magnetic letter boards.
Sleepy chicks video
Everyone enjoyed their cuddle with the baby chicks today!
On a very wet December morning we walked down to the post box and posted our letters off to Father Christmas. If any families would like to see our amazing letters, a copy of each one is in our writing books. Thank you again to all the kind parents that helped us walk down on what turned out to be a very soggy experience!!!
At morning playtimes we enjoy playing on the bikes, trikes and scooters.

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Use the link here to download the correct way to pronounce each letter sound that we are learning, and to sing the song and do the action to help you remember each new sound:
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We needed to print some hand prints for our 'Welcome' display!