Extend Learning Academies Network (ELAN) Trust Policies

ELAN Acceptable Use Policy - Staff Volunteers and Visitors V2.1 2023-2024.pdf
ELAN Accessibility Plan V2.0 2023-2026.pdf
ELAN Anti-Fraud and Business Ethics Policy V6.0 2023-2024.pdf
ELAN Asbestos Management Policy V1.0 2022-24.pdf
ELAN Business Continuity Policy V4.0 2024-26.pdf
ELAN Capability Policy and Procedure V3.0 2023-24.pdf
ELAN Charging and Remissions Policy V7.0 2024-25.pdf
ELAN Child on Child Abuse Policy V2.0 2023-24.pdf
ELAN Complaints Policy V6.0 2024-25.pdf
ELAN Complaints Procedure Flowchart V6.0 2024-25.pdf
ELAN Conflict of Interest Policy V4.0 2023-25.pdf
ELAN Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Policy V1.1 2023-2026.pdf
ELAN Data Protection Policy V6.0 2023-24.pdf
ELAN Data Retention Schedule V3.0 2024-2026.pdf
ELAN Dignity at Work Policy and Procedure V2.0 2022-2024.pdf
ELAN Disciplinary Policy and Procedure V5.0 2023-24.pdf
ELAN Disclosure Policy V2.0 2022-2024.pdf
ELAN ECT Induction Policy V3.0 2023-24.pdf
ELAN Educational Visits Policy V1.1 2023-25.pdf
ELAN Equality and Equal Opportunities Policy V4.1 2022-24.pdf
ELAN Family Friendly Maternity, Adoption, Paternity and Shared Parental Leave Policy V2.1 2023-25.pdf
ELAN Finance Policy and Procedures V6.0 2023-24.pdf
ELAN Freedom of Information Policy V3.0 2022-2025.pdf
ELAN Grievance Policy and Procedure V5.0 2024-25.pdf
ELAN Health & Safety Statement and Policy V6.0 2024-25.pdf
ELAN ICT and Online Safety Policy V.2.0 2023-24.pdf
ELAN Investment Policy V4.0 2023-25.pdf
ELAN Lettings Policy V1.1 2022-24.pdf
ELAN Lone Working Policy V4.1 2023-25.pdf
ELAN Menopause Policy V1.0 2022-2024.pdf
ELAN Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy - Children V2.0 2023-25.pdf
ELAN Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy - Staff V2.0 2023-25.pdf
ELAN Modern Slavery Statement V3.0 2023-24.pdf
ELAN Parent Code of Conduct V1.0 2022-2024.pdf
ELAN Physical Safety Intervention Policy V1.0 2023-24.pdf
ELAN Privacy Notice - Employees V4.1 2023-24.pdf
ELAN Privacy Notice - Governors and Trustees V4.0 2023-24.pdf
ELAN Privacy Notice - Pupils V4.0 2023-24.pdf
ELAN Privacy Notice - Suppliers, Contractors and Volunteers V4.0 2023-24.pdf
ELAN Probationary Policy HR V5.0 2023-25.pdf
ELAN Protection of Children's Biometric Data Policy V4.1 2024-25.pdf
ELAN Pupil Attendance Policy V6.0 2023-2024.pdf
ELAN Recruitment and Selection and Ex-Offenders Policy and Procedure V3.0 2023-2025.pdf
ELAN Redundancy Policy V1.0 2023-2025.pdf
ELAN Remote Education Policy V2.0 2023-25.pdf
ELAN Risk Management Policy V4.0 2022-24.pdf
ELAN Safe Touch and Intimate Care Policy V2.0 2023-24.pdf
ELAN Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy V7.1 2023-24.pdf
ELAN SEND and Inclusion Policy V6.0 2023-24.pdf
ELAN Staff Code of Conduct V5.0 2023-24.pdf
ELAN Statement of Accounting Policies V4.0 2022-24.pdf
ELAN Statement of Internal Control V6.0 2023-24.pdf
ELAN Supporting Pupils with Medical Condition & First Aid Policy V2.0 2024-2025.pdf
ELAN TUPE Policy V1.0 2023-2025.pdf
ELAN Whistleblowing Policy (Safeguarding) V7.1 2023-24.pdf
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