Purpose, Vision and Values


 We belong because:

  •  We have a sense of community between home, school, the village and the wider world.
  • We are all connected and valued.
  • We have a sense of responsibility, participation, cooperation and tolerance.
  • We are part of a community where we feel valued.
  • We have fun together.

 We believe because:

  •  Anything is possible.
  • There are no limits to our learning.
  • We follow our dreams.
  • We believe in ourselves and each other.
  • We have growth mindsets.
  • We know that education is important and affects our future opportunities.
  • We have a positive sense of self and of our abilities.
  • We look for the positives in every situation.
  • Everybody can learn and get better at things.

 We achieve because:

  • We want to learn.
  • We enjoy our learning.
  • We are not afraid to try.
  • We always say “We can.”
  • We have high expectations of ourselves and each other.
  • We are resilient.
  • We support each other.
  • We are problem solvers.
  • We demonstrate a range of skills and interests and a sense of emotional well being.
  • We leave our school more curious than when we arrived.

 Everything we do is underpinned by our core values, which are:


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