Science Week 2019

Challenge brief:

To design and build a flying bird that can catch fish (not the pollution in the ocean!) 

Children will make a sea bird in their group. The bird will fly (down a wire) towards the ocean.  In the ocean, will be lots of plastic as well as lots of paper clip fish (the children also have to make one fish each) the bird has to try and pick up as many as it can.  

The distance from the wire to the ‘sea’ should be 30cm.

Final Criteria for Judging  

-          Design of the bird– best looking sea bird

-          Design of the fish – (each child brings 1 fish to the final)

-          Accuracy – Can the bird pick up the fish using magnets?

-          Score – number of fish picked up

Science Week 2018
The Big Build Challenge
  • In teams, you get to make a vehicle for a Hedgehog!  You will be using cardboard boxes, wheels, dowels and other materials.
  • They will move using elastic energy – this means they will be propelled using a giant piece of elastic.


  • They will be judged on their...
  1. Accuracy – they need to travel through a number of fences which get further and further away!
  2. Design – they must look good. All vehicles must have a hand made hedgehog inside!
Our first challenge is to research facts about hedgehogs, what problems they face and find out ways that we can help them.
Click on the links to help you with your hedgehog research.