The Music Curriculum can be split into four main areas. These are: Creating and exploring music, Listening and appraising, Musical activities and performing. We have a music afternoon each term to give the children the opportunity to explore music and cover the four areas. This involves the children listening to different genres of music and learning to play a musical instrument. This term Key stage two learnt to play the recorder and Key stage 1 learnt to play the Glockenspiel.

At Banwell we endeavour to provide the children with opportunities to perform and listen to a variety of music, both through the curriculum and in extra-curricular activities.  The children take part in singing festivals throughout the year which involve the children learning songs from lots of different cultures. These are: Raise the Roof (Year 3 and 4), Churchill Makes Music (Year 6) and Summer Sing (Year 2).  We also have productions throughout the year where the children learn songs and take part in performances such as; The Kay Stage one nativity, Carol service and the Key Stage two production at the end of the year.

The choir takes part in community performances as well being part of the North Somerset Choir festival in June. As well as choir there will also be the opportunity to join recorder club which run at lunchtime.

The Children are encouraged to learn to play a musical instrument at Banwell and we are currently providing piano, guitar and brass lessons through the Music Service. All the children of Year 3 will learn how to play the Ukulele in whole class lessons which are also provided by the Music service.  We hold a musician of the Year concert in term four which allows the children to share their musical skills with the school in the hope they will be crowned Musician of the Year for Key Stage One and Two.

Please find below the National Curriculum aims (2014) and the progression of skills.