Email 10/10/23

Our Key Stage 2 field trips this term will be focusing on mapping in the local area.  We will be walking along roads within Banwell and will take part in a number of activities on the school site.  The field trips will take place on Tuesday 17th October (Butterfly Class) and Friday 20th October (Firefly Class and Cricket Class).  On those days:


  • children should come into school wearing school uniform with wellington boots or a change of shoes suitable for walking across wet grass
  • children should bring a spare pair of dry socks
  • lunch will be in the dining hall at the same time as usual - there is no need to change lunch arrangements
  • we will start and finish school at the same times as usual

All children in years 3-6 take part in field trips every term.  This is a key part of our geography curriculum offer.

Best wishes

Paul Davis

Deputy Headteacher & Senco