Reception / Year 1 - Ladybirds

Welcome to Ladybird class
The class teacher is Mrs Bevan, and the teaching assistants based in Ladybird Class are Mrs Gardiner and Mrs Venn.
We have PE on Monday and Wednesday.
Please use this page to find out about our learning each term and to keep up to date with homework and other useful information. 
Academic year 2023-2024
Term 5 How does your garden grow?
We have started the term learning the story Jack and the Beanstalk - ask your child to retell the story - they have learned actions and key phrases to help them remember the sequence.
We will be busy in the garden this term planting sunflowers and vegetables. We will learn about life cycles and will have some caterpillars to observe in our classroom.
Term 4 Toys Past and Present
What is your favourite toy? That is what we will be exploring this term. The children will talk about, draw and describe their favourite toys and we will then learn about how toys have changed over time. We will find out what our parents, grandparents and teacher's favourite toys were and we will notice what is the same and what is different. 
Term 3 Out of this World!
This term we are going on an adventure into space. Starting with an incredible journey in the Space Dome, we will learn about the planets in our solar system and find out about people who have been to space - including those that have walked on the moon.
Our adventure has inspired lots of creative learning including making paper mache planets, space craft out of junk and singing songs about the planets... 
Term 2 Let's Celebrate!
A busy term learning about how communities come together to celebrate important events at this time of year. We will talk about what we celebrate in our own families and notice similarities and differences to festivals and celebrations around the world. As well as Diwali and Christmas, we will learn about other times when families celebrate for example weddings and when babies are born. We will listen to stories to help us learn about different traditions and ways people celebrate. These stories will inspire our artwork, conversations and the writing that we do in class. 
Here are just a few... 
Term 1 - We're Going on a Bear Hunt!
The children in Ladybird Class have had a great start to school. The Year 1 children are fantastic role models for our new learners and they are settling confidently into the daily routine.
We started the year with our whole school project 'Into the Wilderness'. Based on the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' the children got stuck into a whole variety of art activities to represent the settings in the story. We put on our wellies and used our senses to experience the story the family went on from swishing and swashing in the grass to splashing and sploshing in water!
The highlight was how brilliantly the children learned the story, and despite having only been in school for a few days, they were able to take in part in re-telling the story in their own way. Well done Ladybird Class! Please enjoy looking at some photos...
Useful information...
Does your child like to drink milk?
Milk is given to reception class children free up until their 5th birthday. 
If you would like them to continue to receive milk at breaktimes it needs to be ordered from School Milk Services.  The link to order milk can be found here - School Milk Services

Supporting your child with reading at home will make a huge difference to their progress at school. We celebrate in class how many times children read at home each week. The expectation is that your child reads 5 times a week and we ask that you make a quick note in your child’s reading record book (initials and the date is fine, or a little note if you want to comment).

Reception children have a sound book which is updated every week with the sounds they have been taught. Please encourage your child to practise these every day until they are confident and can recall the sounds instantly. As we learn sight words (words that can not be sounded out), they will also be stuck into sound books for you to help your child with a home.

Show and tell

We love to celebrate home learning in school and show and tell at the end of the day is the perfect opportunity for this. When your child has continued their learning at home, perhaps they might get creative and make something linked to our project, they might draw a picture linked to our learning, write a sentence or even a story or practised their maths skills please encourage them to bring it in (or email me a photo) and they can proudly share their learning with the class. 

Thank you for attending the Phonics Workshop at the end of Term 1. If you are unable to come and have any questions about how to support your child with reading at home please do not hesitate to ask. As mentioned at the meeting it is really important that your child learns to say the sounds correctly. Please see below a link to the video I shared at the meeting where the child confidently says each sound as it it should be.
I have also shared some websites with games that your children might like to play at home. Remember, little and often is best to keep your child engaged and motivated.
Extend Learning