Year 3/4 - Butterflies

Welcome to Butterfly Class!
The class teacher is Miss Dennett and the teaching assistant based in Butterfly is Mr Fuller. 
We have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
Academic year 2023-24
We ask that the children practise spellings and read every day. We also ask the class to use Times Table Rockstars (Times Tables Rock Stars: Play ( three times a week. Year 4s can also use MathsFrame to practice for their upcoming multiplication tables check (Multiplication Tables Check - Mathsframe).
Year 4s have homework books and should complete one reading task per week. Homework books are given out on a Friday afternoon and should be returned on a Wednesday morning.

Term four

Our writing this term will focus on narrative story writing, initially based on a video from the Literacy Shed website in which a lighthouse keeper learns how much the local community cares about his job.  Our Maths focus is multiplication and division in Year 3 and fractions in Year 4. Across both year groups they are also focusing on time.


After three terms of learning about Hinduism, for the remainder of the year we turn to Judaism and learn many stories that children will be familiar with from the Christian Old Testament (the Jewish Torah). 


In Geography we learn about the role of Agriculture and our field trip this term will focus on how close we are to the edge of the village and why farming in our area is mainly pastoral. 


In History we look at the rise of Ancient Persia and its clashes with Ancient Greece.


In our first week back, we completed the following two Big Writing Tasks for Opening Worlds:

(1) RE

How do Hindus show their devotion to God during puja?  Why do Hindus love Ganesha?  How do they show their devotion to Ganesha?  How do Hindus like to use the symbol Aum?  How do Hindu women show their devotion to Parvati during Teej?

(2) Geography

What is special about Bisley?  What is special about Cardiff?  How are Cardiff and Bisley similar and how are they different to each other?


Term three

Like the rest of the school, we started Term 3 with a focus on Space in Science.  We have learnt about how the moon orbits the Earth, how the Earth orbits the Sun, and about the planets and other objects within our Solar System.  This learning came to a grand finale on Tuesday 16th January with the visit of the Space Dome to the school, and an evening of star gazing and sharing our learning with parents.


For the remainder of this term, we will learn about Forces and Magnets in Science, a unit of learning that will carry on into Term 4.


In History we explore the Indus Valley civilization and make comparisons with the ancient societies in Mesopotamia and the Nile Valley that we have already learnt about. 


In RE we conclude our learning about Hinduism, with a strong focus on how Hindu's worship. 


In Geography we explore settlements and compare the British communities of Oxford and Bisley, a village in the Cotswold hills, just to the north of Bristol.  Our Geography field trip this term will focus on Banwell as a village settlement and we will compare our community with the two that we have learnt about in our Geography lessons, to understand why Banwell is considered to be a village rather than a hamlet or a town.

Maths and English Resources
Reading is so important!
We encourage you to listen to your child read and discuss the text at least three times a week. Sometimes it is hard to know what to ask them so below is some ideas of the type of questions that you could be asking your child whilst they are reading with you.
Times Tables
Being able to recall the times tables is a huge skill and will have benefits across all areas of the Maths curriculum. In Year 3, the expectation is that children can recall their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10 times table up to 12. Make sure that your child is practising their times tables regularly at home both verbally and written.
Additional resources
Click on the link below to take you to the National Online Safety website. Here you can download parent guides about popular apps and games.
At Banwell the children's wellbeing is always our priority and this year we are making mental well being a focus. Below is a link to the 'Wheel of Wellbeing' website that has some interesting information and activities to help with this. 
Extend Learning