Foreign Languages


In Years 3-6, children learn French weekly, based on the La Jolie Ronde scheme of learning.  We started using this scheme in the 2022/23 school year and therefore all year groups in Key Stage 2 have started learning the Year 3 scheme of learning last year, with an aim to build this up over time.

This year (2023/24) all year groups in Key Stage 2 are learning the Year 4 topics while revisiting some foundational elements of language such as greetings, numbers and phonics throughout the year.

We ensure progression in learning through the scheme plan.


 2023/24 Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Topics covered
French culture
Asking for and giving your name and age
Classroom instructions
Body parts
Asking for a translation
Phrases for playing a game
Members of the family
Grammar focus - to be and to have
Sharing opinions
Grammar focus - possessive adjectives and connectives
Grammar focus - to play, to read and to listen
Consolidation of language content and structures
Guided writing opportunities

Link with Normandy

The village of Banwell is twinned with the village of Potigny in Normandy.  Our upper Key Stage 2 classes have linked to two classes in Normandy at two neighbouring schools: Year 5 (Otter Class) are twinned with classe CM2 at Ouilly Primary in Normandy, and Year 6 (Fox Class) are twinned with Potigny Primary.  We are exchanging letters and videos with the classes, focusing on practising our basic knowledge of French.

Our focus in French in 2022/23 is to build a successful language link between the three primary schools.